How To Become A Professional Writer

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How To Become A Professional Writer
How To Become A Professional Writer

Video: How To Become A Professional Writer

Video: How To Become A Professional Writer
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Writing combines natural talent with perseverance, determination and the ability to work on oneself.

How to become a professional writer
How to become a professional writer


Step 1

Improve your skills and abilities. Write as much as possible. Try different genres and formats of works. Read a few books on writing. Chat online with aspiring and professional authors.

Step 2

Do not start work on a book without prior preparation. Study the place and time of your piece. Consider the driving conflict. Be sure to outline the beginning and ending of the main storyline.

Step 3

Think over the character and external features of the main characters. Make a personal card for each hero. Indicate in it age, name, origin, education, social status, habits, etc.

Step 4

Decide on the target audience for your book. Books written for children, adolescents and adults differ significantly in the complexity of the language and the richness of the narrative.

Step 5

Try to make every line work on the development of the plot. Avoid beautiful but unimportant descriptions and witty but empty dialogue.

Step 6

Use dialogue wisely. Speech is a great way to characterize a character. In addition, dialogues can easily present any idea or possible plot twist to the reader.

Step 7

Leave room for the reader's imagination. Don't overload the narrative with details. Try to create the picture with a few bright strokes.

Step 8

Work on your book regularly. Set yourself a daily writing quota. After you finish working on a draft, read the book thoroughly several times, making edits to the plot, removing unnecessary things, and completing the broken storylines.

Step 9

Send the finished work to the publishers publishing the literature of the corresponding genre. Attach a description of the book to the letter: genre, target audience and a summary of the plot.