How To Draw Up Documents For A Car

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How To Draw Up Documents For A Car
How To Draw Up Documents For A Car

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If you buy a car at a car dealership, most likely, you will be offered to help with its registration for a fee. But you can draw up the necessary documents on your own by contacting the MREO traffic police responsible for the area where you are registered at the place of residence.

How to draw up documents for a car
How to draw up documents for a car

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - vehicle registration certificate;
  • - sales contract or documents from a car dealership (certificate invoice and a copy of the license);
  • - transit numbers;
  • - car for inspection.
  • For a foreign car driven from abroad, additionally:
  • - customs certificate.


Step 1

Often, admission to this unit is by appointment. You need to clarify all the nuances, such as the opening hours of the unit, reception on the issue of registering vehicles, the availability of a record and the ability to sign up, you need in your MREO.

Step 2

If you bought a car in Russia, you will need your passport, registration certificate for the car, its transit numbers (you need to register the car before their expiration date) and documents confirming the transfer of ownership of the car to you. This is a certificate invoice from a car dealership and a copy of its license or a sales contract, if the car was purchased in a different way.

At the reception, you give all these documents to the MREO employee for review. He will give you a vehicle registration application. You can usually take receipts from him to pay the state duty. Usually it can be entered directly at the premises of the MREO: through the terminals, and in some there are Sberbank branches.

Step 3

If you are going to register a foreign car bought abroad, the procedure becomes more complicated. You must present the sales contract with a certified translation at customs. You will also need a vehicle registration certificate, a completed customs declaration and both of your passports: both foreign and domestic.

You will be given a customs certificate, and you will need to apply to the MREO with it, the registration certificate for the car and the car itself.

Step 4

After filling out the application and paying the state duty, you will go to the site for a technical inspection, where you should also drive your car.

Experts will assess the technical condition of the car, check the availability of everything you need, including seat belts, warning triangle, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc.

Then they will check whether the car is not listed in the computer database in theft.

A criminologist will also work with a foreign car imported from abroad: he will establish the exact year of manufacture, check whether the engine numbers have been interrupted, etc.

If everything is in order, upon completion of the procedure, you will receive numbers and will be able to freely use the car.

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