How To Get An Additional Vacation In

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How To Get An Additional Vacation In
How To Get An Additional Vacation In

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Additional paid leave is the time of rest that must be provided to the employee, in addition to the main paid leave. For the period of being on additional leave, the employee retains his average salary.

How to get an additional vacation
How to get an additional vacation


Step 1

The minimum permissible duration of additional leave depends on the reason for the provision and the position of the employee and is spelled out in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and a number of regulations governing labor legal relations.

There are two categories of additional leave: mandatory (the employer is obliged to provide such leave to the employee in accordance with the law) and voluntary (those that are provided by the employer's decision and are spelled out in the collective or labor agreement).

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Mandatory additional leave, according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, is provided on an annual basis to those employees who work irregular working hours in the Far North, as well as employees employed in hazardous or hazardous industries.

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Additional leave is granted to an employee in full only if he has worked in harmful conditions for at least 11 months. Otherwise, the duration of the vacation is recalculated in proportion to the time actually worked in harmful conditions. Please note that work experience does not affect the fact of granting leave, but its duration.

Step 4

In order to issue such an additional vacation, by analogy with the usual one, it is recorded in the vacation schedule. Before the start of the vacation period, an order is issued to provide the employee with additional paid vacation. An important requirement for the HR service is that data on additional vacations must be included in the employee's personal card.

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