How To Become A Famous Writer

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How To Become A Famous Writer
How To Become A Famous Writer

Video: How To Become A Famous Writer

Video: How To Become A Famous Writer
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To become famous is the dream of many aspiring writers. Some of them look to the future with hope, while others have already become disillusioned with their chosen path. But the question, tormenting more than one generation of writers, does not lose its relevance. So how do you get famous?

How to write books
How to write books


Step 1

To begin with, choose which path you want to go: to earn fame for talent, trying to convey to readers your deep inner world and ideas about life, or to adapt to the reader and satisfy his tastes and needs. Both the one and the other path have the right to life. In the first case, the writer will probably find it more difficult, but he will retain his idea of the object of the story and the form of presentation. In the second case, he needs to study all the popular trends in literature, all genres that sell well - detective stories, science fiction and fantasy, romance novels, and so on. In this case, the writer will increase his chances of getting the book published.

Step 2

No one will teach you how to write books correctly. Even the most eminent writers will not provide fully working recommendations. However, there are some tips here. Write in a way that would be interesting for you to read. Do not go to extremes, for example, do not fill the book with only dialogues, but do not leave continuous descriptions in it, it is boring to read. Don't over complicate the language, most readers will quickly get bored with pretentiousness.

Step 3

Try to write correctly, check what you have written, but not immediately, but some time after writing. Don't be lazy to go back to the chapter to improve or rewrite some points. Let your friends read your book or part of it, but do not say that you are the author so that they can evaluate it impartially.

Step 4

Be sure to have a plan for the entire piece and a plan for each chapter. Describe each character separately in as much detail as possible, even if you don't pay much attention to him in the book. Pay close attention to the development of the plot, do not miss the logical connections of the action, because when you are just starting work as a writer, it is not easy to keep track of everything. Creation of vivid characters and dynamic plot is already half of the success of the future book.

Step 5

Then you should choose in which direction you will take the first steps towards popularity: will you contact publishers or try your hand at the Internet. By the way, both are possible, usually publishers are not against publishing a book already posted on the network. The main thing is that it should be worthy of their attention.

Step 6

If you go to publishers, write a short but vivid description of your book, briefly explaining what it is about. This annotation should be such that you want to read the book. Do not forget that you will be sending a short description of the book along with the manuscript, so its first pages should also be memorable. Publishers receive a huge number of manuscripts by different authors, and they can hardly afford to read beyond the first two pages of the book. Therefore, you need to "hook" them from the very first lines.

Step 7

Do not be discouraged and do not give up, even if the book is still refused to be published. Many well-known writers started out with a huge number of publisher rejections, and then earned a fortune and worldwide fame. The main thing here is focus and perseverance, as well as your confidence that the book will appeal to readers.

Step 8

There is also enough space for distributing the book on the Internet. True, these methods do not always bring financial rewards. But the main task is popularity. Distribute the work on already established visited sites, such as Samizdat. Many authors who publish their works for public access here are quite popular and readable. You can also start your own website or diary and post chapters there, attracting friends and acquaintances to read. Sometimes it is on the Internet that a book becomes popular, and then it appears in printed form on the shelves of bookstores.

Step 9

Connect with publishers not only through the website or email. Try to go to writing parties, exhibitions, literary fairs. Make useful contacts with publishers and writers and so promote your book. Have your own memorable flavor, create your own style in clothing or writing, be visible on literary forums, let as many people as possible who are involved in literature know about you.