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Who Is A Writer
Who Is A Writer

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Reiter is a fairly young profession that has become widespread in connection with the development of the Internet. New sites appear every day that require content, i.e. content or, more simply, articles. Moreover, the articles are original, i.e. not just copied from other resources, but unique texts. And it is the responsibility of the writer to create this kind of content.

Who is a writer
Who is a writer

Is a writer a writer?

Actually, the word "writer" is a Russified transcription of the English word "writer", which means writer in translation. Then why not call the writer a word familiar to the Russian ear?

The fact is that a writer in the understanding of a Russian person is not just a creator of texts, but a creative person who is exclusively engaged in the creation of author's works of art. Articles for Internet sites can be called works of art with a big stretch, and they are not always author's.

Often, an article for an Internet resource is a text written on the basis of existing materials found on the Internet or in other sources, the so-called rewriting. The ideas and facts stated in it cannot be considered the fruit of the author's imagination of the writer, which means that such a work cannot be considered the author's artistic text.

In some ways, the work of a writer resembles that of a journalist, a correspondent, but it has its own specifics. Reiter rarely collects material using surveys, conducting interviews, although in his work there is also a collection of facts, their analysis and, to a greater or lesser extent, an expression of his own attitude towards the material presented.

In addition, the work of a writer is more routine; writing articles, unlike journalistic ones, are created much faster. If the correspondent of a newspaper or magazine can spend several days on preparing the material, the writer spends on creating his “work” from several minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the degree of mastery of the topic, the final volume of the article and the speed of typing.

Writer, copywriter, webwriter …

Along with the name "writer" you can also find such words for this type of activity as "copywriter" and "web writer". Officially, none of them has yet been recognized as correct, so Internet content creators call themselves what they like best.

However, some believe that the copywriter - the name is not entirely correct. You can call this not just any creator of Internet articles, but only the one who creates advertising and selling texts. The adherents of this point of view trace the origin of the word "copywriter" from the English "copyright", i.e. "Copyright. Thus, a person who simply fills the site with articles cannot be considered a copywriter.

On the other hand, the word "web writer" implies that the author works exclusively on the Internet, while a writer can be called any creator of textual material, regardless of where his work is then published. Thus, the word "writer" has a more general meaning.

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