How To Reissue A Passport

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How To Reissue A Passport
How To Reissue A Passport

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The concept of "renewal of a passport" can include several categories. This is the re-issuance of the transaction passport, and the vehicle passport, and the passport of Russia. So, today we will consider the problem of re-issuing a Russian passport as an example. Quite often, such a spelling is encountered, however, from a legal point of view, it would be more correct to sound "passport exchange" or "passport replacement".

Passport is the main document of a citizen of Russia
Passport is the main document of a citizen of Russia


Step 1

A passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation is the main document that certifies the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation. In addition, obtaining a passport is compulsory for all Russian citizens from the age of 14.

Step 2

So, the exchange of a passport can be "planned" - upon reaching the age of 20 and 45.

And also "unscheduled":

1) when changing the surname, name, patronymic and / or date, place of birth;

2) when changing sex;

3) if the passport is unsuitable due to wear or damage to the passport;

4) in other cases (for example, when a document is lost due to theft).

Step 3

Replacement of the passport is carried out by the territorial bodies of the Federal Migration Service. If earlier the issue and replacement of a passport was carried out only at the place of residence, now this can be done at any "passport office" (branch of the Federal Migration Service) on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Step 4

In order to exchange your passport, you must:

1. Write an application in a special form, which is established by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. You can find a sample of applications in the authorities that issue Russian passports.

2. Provide a passport to be replaced.

3. Attach two personal photographs of 3, 5x4, 5 cm.

4. Attach documents confirming the grounds for replacing the passport.

5. If the passport is reissued due to its loss, you must first contact the nearest police department with a statement about the loss of the passport. You will be issued a temporary ID. The old passport will be invalidated. Please note that this must be done as soon as possible so that, for example, a loan is not issued in your name. Otherwise, it will be difficult to prove your innocence.

Step 5

All documents and photographs for replacing a passport must be submitted no later than 30 days after the occurrence of the circumstances specified above.

At the same time, if you ask the question of replacing your passport at your place of residence, a new passport will be issued to you within 10 days. If you apply for a passport replacement outside your place of residence, then the period is increased to 2 months. This is necessary to verify all the data that you have specified.

Before receiving a new passport, you are required to issue a temporary identity card.

The temporary ID will replace the passport until it is replaced
The temporary ID will replace the passport until it is replaced

Step 6

From July 1, 2011, a new Passport will be put into effect on the territory of the Russian Federation. On the third page of the passport, a machine-readable element will be embedded under the photo. This is to make the information easier to read. The "chip" will store all the information contained in the passport, which will eliminate an error when reading the information. Old passports will continue to be valid until the "scheduled" replacement date.

Step 7

In addition, the Government plans to abolish internal passports in the Russian Federation, replacing them with a plastic card similar to a European ID or American driver's license, as well as a foreign passport.

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