Internet As An Advertising Tool

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Internet As An Advertising Tool
Internet As An Advertising Tool

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Advertising on the Internet today is considered almost the most effective option for promoting goods and services. The ability to fine-tune ad campaigns translates into triple business benefits. And the cost of advertising contact with a potential client or customer on the Internet can be noticeably less than on radio, television or in the print press.

Online advertising: highly customizable mechanism
Online advertising: highly customizable mechanism


Step 1

In order not to experience the frustration of advertising your brand on the Internet, it is important to follow some rules. The main thing to understand is that online advertising, like on any other advertising medium, requires careful planning and analysis of the situation.

Step 2

Step one: define your target audience. Obviously, motorcycle cosmetics and parts need to be sold on different sites. But this is the basics. Experienced marketers are even more sophisticated in their planning. For example, two fashion sites might target completely different audiences. For young girls looking for mini skirts and rhinestones. Or mature mothers of the family, for whom practicality in clothes is paramount.

Step 3

Step two: calculate the cost of an ad contact. There are many so-called “media indexes” in Internet advertising. CPT is the cost per thousand impressions, CPR is the cost of a thousand clicks to the site. Even if you run a banner or link for a week, it's important to calculate how much each advertising contact will cost you. On one site, the weekly audience can be three times larger than on another. In this case, for the same placement price, you get three times more clicks from the first site.

Step 4

Step three: decide on the ad format. The most popular ad formats on the web: banners, links, advertising articles, videos. If your brand is just starting to develop in the market, you will need a lot of bright, memorable, visually unusual advertising. Banners and videos will be most relevant here. If you need to promote specific promotions and offers from a store or outlet, regular sponsored links may be fine. Contextual advertising is a popular type of online advertising. It is shown to users upon request. If someone searches for a vacuum cleaner in a search engine, they show him all advertisements on the topic: vacuum cleaner sales, repairs, delivery from an online store, etc.

Step 5

Analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The same banner can provoke a different number of clicks to your site. It is important to find sites where it will be most effective and only place it there. Two portals of almost the same type of audience can give completely different numbers of clicks to the advertiser's website and calls to his office. It is also better to track such things in order to optimize ad placement later.

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