How To Renounce Ukrainian Citizenship

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How To Renounce Ukrainian Citizenship
How To Renounce Ukrainian Citizenship

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Ukraine, like some other states, has specific legislation on citizenship - a Ukrainian cannot become a citizen of another country. But if he still strives for this, then he will have to renounce the citizenship of Ukraine.

How to renounce Ukrainian citizenship
How to renounce Ukrainian citizenship

It is necessary

  • - Ukrainian passport;
  • - money to pay the duty.


Step 1

Check if you have sufficient grounds for renouncing Ukrainian citizenship. You have the right to this if you permanently live abroad and can confirm this, or you have received the citizenship of another state. A Ukrainian child may be deprived of citizenship if one or both of his parents do not belong to the category of citizens of Ukraine. These conditions are determined by the law on citizenship of Ukraine.

Step 2

If you are abroad, then you will need to contact the Ukrainian embassy. Come with your Ukrainian passport, photographs for documents and a permanent residence permit or passport of the country where you are now. On the spot, you will need to fill out an application for renunciation of citizenship. You can do the same for your minor children - citizens of Ukraine. Then you will need to send the fee, which in translation into hryvnia in 2012 is fourteen thousand. Next, you should wait for a decision. If you still have a residence permit, then you will have to return to your hometown and deregister, or pay additionally at the consulate for this service.

Step 3

Anyone who lives in Ukraine must come to the OVIR department at the place of residence and submit his documents and application there. Your citizenship will be revoked after the President's order is issued. Therefore, you may have to wait for a while. After you lose your citizenship, you will have to hand over your Ukrainian civil and foreign passports. If necessary, you can be issued a certificate stating that you no longer have the citizenship of the country.

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