What Is Coaching

What Is Coaching
What Is Coaching

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The word "coaching" comes from the English coach - "coach", "mentor". Through the coaching process, people deepen their knowledge, unleash their potential, and increase their effectiveness. Coaching doesn't teach, it helps you learn.

What is coaching
What is coaching

Coaching originated in the sports world, where the development of athletes has always come first. The classic workout consisted of repeating what the mentor had shown. But, as time has shown, this method of training ran into the internal obstacles of athletes. The rule of "do as I do" did not work and did not lead athletes to victories.

Gradually, the approach to training began to change, mentors began to add new techniques and tools. One of these techniques was the creation of new experiences. This process takes place initially in the athlete's brain by visualizing the events necessary to achieve victory in a competition.

But the concept of "coaching" is something more, it is a teaching at the intersection of sports, psychology, philosophy and logic. It is a time-tested, reliable method of unlocking human potential and achieving goals in areas such as health, relationships, family, career, and financial well-being.

Coaching is not psychotherapy, training, or counseling. This is a process of an active and creative process of interaction between a client and a coach, aimed at a certain result. In an atmosphere of trust, a problem situation is described, a clear idea of ​​the goals is drawn up, and ideas and ways of solving this problem are selected. The client models upcoming situations, learn new behaviors, analyzes them and learns to use them in the future. The goal of coaching is to help you self-help.

Professional coaches are not gurus or teachers of life, but qualified and attentive interlocutors who help clarify the goal, make the right decision, and develop an effective strategy of behavior.

There are three main areas of coaching:

- personal: the main task is to achieve a goal in the interests of the individual;

- business coaching is work on the achievement of the client's professional goals, improvement of business performance, career self-realization of a person;

- corporate, that is, achieving goals or solving problems in the interests of the company (as a result, employees get awareness of the prospects, understanding the direction of movement, support for their own initiative, and the head of the company gets interested and effective employees).

The work of a professional coach is based on several basic principles:

1. Belief in people. This is the most important thing, and it begins with faith in yourself, your own strength.

2. Trust in the world. The world supports us, everything has a deep meaning.

3. Mindfulness.

4. Confidence in the availability of the necessary capabilities. The coach has no doubt that each person has all the necessary resources to achieve their goals.

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