How To Prove The Fact Of Fraud

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How To Prove The Fact Of Fraud
How To Prove The Fact Of Fraud

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Fraud (Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) is the acquisition of ownership of someone else's property or its theft by abuse of trust or deception. Fraud can be carried out by an individual or a group of individuals, depending on which the degree of punishment varies.

How to prove the fact of fraud
How to prove the fact of fraud


Step 1

Fraud can and should be fought. Remember that scammers never end their criminal acts of their own accord. Therefore, the first thing you need to do if you are a victim of a scammer is to prove the fact of the scam. To prove the fact of fraudulent actions on the part of an individual, identify the fact of the crime directly. To do this, recognize and investigate the symptoms until accurate evidence of a breach of trust or deception is obtained. Law enforcement is unlikely to take your word for it, so you need some really real proof. To do this, use all available means.

Step 2

Try to record all possible conversations with the alleged scammers. Carry a recording device or voice recorder with you everywhere and record all conversations. During the conversation, ask as many different questions as possible in order to provoke the interlocutor to explain or clarify his intended actions, proposals and requirements.

Step 3

If possible, also record telephone conversations, for which use special dictaphones or modern models of cell phones.

Step 4

If possible, make a covert video recording. This will not only be more visual evidence, but also help to identify the identity of the fraudster and prove his involvement in a particular case.

Step 5

Collect as much information as possible on the persons with whom you communicate. Don't be afraid to ask for documents. If you are refused for any reason, try not to deal with this person. However, do not relax if they were shown to you. It is not so difficult to forge documents these days, so there is a high probability that they are fake. Write down the first and last names you know, phone numbers, license plates, and other information.

Step 6

After all the information is collected, write a fraud report and contact law enforcement agencies. Believe me - if you have enough information, the police will deal with your case and try to punish the fraudster.

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