How To File A Phone Theft Report

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How To File A Phone Theft Report
How To File A Phone Theft Report

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A mobile phone is a lure for a professional pickpocket, no less than a wallet and gold jewelry. The phone can be quietly pulled out of your pocket or taken away as a result of an attack. Theft methods are varied. The Criminal Code qualifies all these actions as crimes for which serious sanctions may follow. However, this fact rarely scares criminals, but this should not stop the victim from realizing his intention to return his property - the telephone.

How to file a phone theft report
How to file a phone theft report


Step 1

First of all, the victim can block the SIM card. All mobile operators offer services for blocking calls and recovering a lost card with your number. It is enough to present your passport and pay the cost of the new card, to which your old number with the funds saved on the account will be linked. However, law enforcement agencies do not recommend rushing in this matter. If you are going to contact the police, it is better to postpone the SIM card lock to facilitate the search. Often, attackers, being fooled by a substantial amount of money on the mobile phone account, make several calls from the number of the stolen phone in order to pronounce the entire card. All outgoing calls can be established by the operative just by sending a request to the cellular operator. This will know the subscriber who received the call from your device, the date, time and even the duration of the call. It is quite easy to establish an address by a phone number.

Step 2

Contact the nearest police station with a written statement as soon as possible. Success in the search for a stolen phone depends on the promptness of your appeal. Submit the application at the scene. Today, victims at the hands of fraudsters have the right to file a statement of theft not only in the duty department of the Internal Affairs Directorate, but also to the district inspector, at the traffic police post, to the Emergency Situations Ministry and even in the fire department. All of these emergency services are required to accept your application. However, only law enforcement officers have the right to carry out activities to find the stolen thing.

Step 3

Write your application correctly, carefully write down the details. Draw up the document personally in the name of the head of the city / district police department, indicate your full name, address and telephone number where you can be contacted. Describe in detail the place, time and circumstances of the abduction, give information about your mobile phone: its model, subscriber number, IMEI. It is advisable to describe the intruder in detail, if you have seen him. Remember any distinguishing features: hair color, height, face shape, tattoo, scar, piercing, etc. At the end of the application, a number and signature are put. We must accept your application without any persuasion. The document must be registered in the register of incidents and crimes. Make sure that these formalities are followed, otherwise there will be no reason to demand anything from the police in the future.

Step 4

Attach a copy of the receipt on the phone, instructions or packaging to the application, where the device's own identification number (IMEI) is printed, consisting of 15 digits. The fact is that the standard of modern mobile communications GSM allows for the so-called GSM-positioning of the device at the time of the call. Special software analyzes the signal from the phone and, with an accuracy of 100-300 meters, indicates in which sector and at which station the caller is. This technology has long been used to determine the coordinates of an emergency 911 call, if the caller cannot provide details. At the request of law enforcement agencies, cellular operators provide such information.

Step 5

If the police do not want to accept a statement about the theft of the phone, demand a written refusal from them.With this paper (or without it), report the illegal actions of the police to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in your region or to the prosecutor's office.

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