How To Write A Police Report About Theft

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How To Write A Police Report About Theft
How To Write A Police Report About Theft
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A statement to the police is a written or oral appeal of a citizen, which contains a message about an impending or committed crime in order to protect his violated rights, catch criminals, and compensate for material and moral harm caused by the crime.

How to write a police report about theft
How to write a police report about theft


Step 1

It is necessary to start drawing up a statement on theft by filling in its "header" (as a general rule, it is located in the upper right corner of the sheet). It contains information about the body to which the application follows (name, indication of the head of the body, his rank, class rank), information about the applicant (last name, first name, patronymic, residence address, contact phone number).

Step 2

Below in the middle of the drain, write the word "Statement", after which, in a free story, describe the essence of what happened. The peculiarity of such a crime as "theft" is that it is committed secretly, and the victim discovers the fact of loss after a while. When compiling the main text of your application, try to remember and indicate where, under what circumstances you discovered the loss of things, who was nearby, what you did. Describe in detail the thing itself, indicate its distinctive features, cost (attach a check, if any). This information will assist police officers in catching criminals. The text of the statement should be simple and understandable when reading, try to avoid ambiguous expressions in it.

Step 3

After setting out all the circumstances, express your request for a procedural check on your application and the initiation of a criminal case on the fact of theft of property.

Step 4

Then, in your application, make a reference to the fact that you have been warned about criminal liability under Art. 306 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (this article provides for liability for knowingly false denunciation). This record will give you a guarantee that the police officer will accept the application. Put your signature under the ready-made application, decipher it in brackets next to it (indicate your last name and initials), put the current date next to it.

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