How To Conclude A Marriage Contract

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How To Conclude A Marriage Contract
How To Conclude A Marriage Contract

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A marriage contract is a mutual decision of both spouses on mutual rights and obligations, on the division of jointly acquired property in case of divorce. To conclude a marriage contract means to isolate yourself from possible disputes and legal proceedings in the event of a divorce.

How to conclude a marriage contract
How to conclude a marriage contract


Step 1

To conclude a marriage contract, each of the spouses must write in detail on a piece of paper what he would like from his other half in marriage and how he would divide the property that has not even been acquired yet.

Step 2

With all your wishes written on a piece of paper, go to a notary, whom you and your significant other trust. Only he will help you to correctly draw up the text of the marriage contract.

Step 3

Before you put your signature on a document, read it very carefully. If everything suits you and your spouse, sign the marriage contract in the presence of a notary.

Step 4

The main issue that affects the marriage contract is the resolution of problems associated with the division of property, namely: to whom and what part of it will go after the divorce. In addition, you can specify in the marriage contract mutual rights and obligations regarding the upbringing and maintenance of children, looking after elderly parents, as well as providing each other.

Step 5

In the marriage contract, you can specify how much of your income you and your spouse will invest in organizing holidays, for example, New Year's or birthday, and how much to save for a rainy day.

Step 6

A marriage contract cannot restrict the constitutional rights and freedoms of both spouses. Therefore, on its basis, you cannot force your soul mate to vote for the “necessary” candidate in the elections, the husband cannot be forced to watch women's serials on TV, and the wife cannot be rooting for a certain football team.

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