How To Register A Person For The Owner

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How To Register A Person For The Owner
How To Register A Person For The Owner
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The owner has the right to dispose of his apartment at his own discretion, if this does not contradict the law and does not disturb the peace of others. Therefore, he has the right to register anyone on his living space. To do this, you need to collect a number of documents and be personally present at registration.

How to register a person for the owner
How to register a person for the owner

It is necessary

  • - passport of the owner or proprietors and registered
  • -application for registration
  • - departure sheet
  • -permission and personal presence of all owners
  • - title documents for the apartment and photocopies
  • -extract from the personal account
  • - permission from the second parent, if a minor is prescribed
  • -certificate from the place of residence of the second parent that the minor is not registered there


Step 1

If there is one owner in the apartment, then for registration you will need to obtain his permission, and you also need his personal presence when submitting documents for registration. Additionally, it is necessary to collect a number of documents, which include: an extract from the personal account; passport of the owner and registered citizen; title documents for the apartment. All documents must be submitted in originals and photocopies. Photocopies of documents must be certified by the housing department.

Step 2

If there are several owners in the apartment, then the registration permit must be obtained from everyone. Previously, it was possible to present a notarial permission and the presence of everyone was not a prerequisite. But in connection with the increasing incidence of fraud (especially in megacities), the personal presence of all owners is now necessary when submitting documents for registration. Instead of the owner, his authorized representative may also be present when submitting documents.

Step 3

If one of the owners does not give permission for registration, then registration can be carried out only by a court decision.

Step 4

A permit is not required if a minor child is registered at the place of registration of his parents, since the fact of registration of the parents is sufficient for the registration of the child.

Step 5

When making permanent registration, documents of title to the apartment are required, and when temporarily registering these documents, it is not necessary to present them. Therefore, in theory, temporary registration can be issued without the presence of the owner. But in this case, he is notified that a temporary registration has taken place on the living space and, if the owner of the apartment is not satisfied with this, he can easily remove the temporary tenant from the registration register. If the registration is made permanent, then you can write out from the living space only on the personal application of the living person or by court decision.

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