How To Develop Specifications

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How To Develop Specifications
How To Develop Specifications

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Specifications for a specific product, product of a specific type, brand, article are included in the package of regulatory and technical documentation. They establish requirements not only for the technical parameters of the product, but also many others: environmental, safety during its operation, conditions for its transportation and storage. This is a document that most fully reflects the entire set of characteristics of a product or product.

How to develop specifications
How to develop specifications


Step 1

Technical specifications for these products should not contradict the existing Russian and interstate standards, which apply to these products. The need for their development is determined by the absence of a national standard for this type of product or the expansion of technical requirements for this type of product.

Step 2

Technical specifications can be developed both by the manufacturer of the product on his own initiative and at the request of the customer of the product, since this document provides the most complete information necessary in order to correctly, safely and effectively operate, transport, store this product. When developing technical specifications, use GOST 2.114-95 “Unified system for design documentation. Technical conditions ", which describes in detail the requirements for the content and design of this document.

Step 3

GOST establishes requirements for the structure of technical specifications, regardless of what product or product they are designed for. In addition to the introductory part, which provides a brief description of the product and lists the documents: GOSTs, SNiPs, SanPiNs, which it must comply with, this document should contain several more mandatory sections. These are: technical requirements for a product or products, safety requirements, environmental protection. The technical specifications must establish the rules of acceptance and control methods, conditions of transportation and storage, instructions for use and guarantees that the manufacturer provides for this product or product.

Step 4

Specifications must be registered, which is confirmed by the appropriate mark and seal of the registering organization, which are affixed on the title page. Registration is carried out at the regional offices of the Federal Agency for Rostekhregulirovanie.

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