How To Develop A Promotion

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How To Develop A Promotion
How To Develop A Promotion

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Promotions are increasingly being used in the positioning of companies and their products. Today, no one is surprised by a man in a bear costume in the middle of the street handing out flyers, or half-dressed girls dancing around a car. The development of these actions takes much longer than their implementation.

How to develop a promotion
How to develop a promotion


Step 1

Generate an idea. The development of the idea of ​​the action is where it starts. Of course, you can get ready-made templates, but they are boring views for consumers, so get creative with this process. For this, the brainstorming method is well suited, when in the process of issuing awkward ideas the whole team gets a rather interesting concept of the future event.

Step 2

Choose an audience. These can be regular consumers, potential or opposed. It is worth starting from this, taking further steps.

Step 3

Analyze your target audience. The company always knows those people who are interested in its products. It is the work with these people that you have to do. Make an analysis of their interests, preferences, conduct a couple of focus groups to be fully confident in your idea.

Step 4

Build a budget and a team. The most important point is the writing of the budget and its coordination with the authorities. Try to approach this issue intelligently and as economically as possible. The minimum budget - the maximum effect - is exactly what the management expects from you. The next step will be to create a working group. Recruit no more than five people from the organization's team, having previously described the roles in the team. Focus on their capabilities and ability to play a particular role.

Step 5

Get media support. The action must be accompanied all the way through it: before, during and after. Before the start, newspapers, radio and television should simply inform the population about the fact of the event, date, time and place. During the action, all the details are carefully recorded for their subsequent transmission in the next media outlets for those who did not get to the event. And the last blow is a reminder of the action in a week for better memorability.

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