How To Refuse A Share In A Privatized Apartment

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How To Refuse A Share In A Privatized Apartment
How To Refuse A Share In A Privatized Apartment

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The privatization of apartments in a number of cases occurs with the registration of common shared ownership of family members. Shares in the right to real estate create noticeable inconveniences for apartment owners, because the share is not tied to certain square meters and it is possible to single it out in kind only in private households. Sometimes it is more advisable to give up your share in favor of another family member or third party. In such cases, any suitable alienation transaction is drawn up - donation, sale.

How to refuse a share in a privatized apartment
How to refuse a share in a privatized apartment

It is necessary

  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - privatization agreement;
  • - technical certificate;
  • - an extract from the house book.


Step 1

Collect a package of title documents for the apartment. In addition to the certificate of ownership and the contract for the transfer of housing during privatization, you will need a technical passport. Order it at the district BTI. Take in the passport office an extract from the house book on the presence of persons registered in this apartment.

Step 2

If you want to alienate your share in favor of a close relative, it makes sense to conclude a donation agreement. According to the current legislation, in this case the donee will be exempted from paying tax. This form of alienation is also beneficial to the donor, as it allows to avoid subsequently filing a declaration, which would be inevitable when selling a share in real estate.

Step 3

Make a simple written donation agreement. The law does not require a mandatory form of notarization of this transaction. However, the notary's certification of the signatures of both parties is not superfluous.

Step 4

If you intend to sell your share at market price, you need to give the priority right to purchase it to other owners of this home. To do this, send registered mail with notification to each co-owner. In the letter, state your intention to sell the share, indicate its price and your return address, to which you can send your consent to purchase within a month.

Step 5

After the specified period and without consent, you can sell the share to any other person. The purchase and sale agreement is drawn up in a simple written form and signed by both parties to the transaction. A notarized form of certification is not required. Carry out all cash settlements under the contract.

Step 6

With any option of alienation, the signed contract must be registered with the regional department of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities at the location of the real estate. When submitting documents, the presence of both parties to the transaction with identity documents (passport) is required. Submit the contract for registration along with a full package of title documents. Pay the state registration fee. A month later, the transfer of ownership of the share in the apartment will be registered.

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