How To Conclude A Social Employment Contract

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How To Conclude A Social Employment Contract
How To Conclude A Social Employment Contract

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A social tenancy agreement is an agreement on the basis of which a dwelling is transferred for living to citizens who need to improve their living conditions. Housing provided under such an agreement must be run by state or municipal authorities.

How to conclude a social employment contract
How to conclude a social employment contract

It is necessary

Personal statement, passport, certificate of marriage or divorce


Step 1

Social hiring is fundamentally different from privatization. A privatized dwelling is the property of a citizen, and a social tenancy agreement assumes that the dwelling is owned by the municipal or state.

Step 2

The social tenancy agreement has become an alternative to the apartment order, familiar to many since Soviet times. Previously, the order was the basis for the provision of housing, according to it, a citizen could live in an apartment for an arbitrarily long time. Today, residential premises are provided under a social rental agreement.

Step 3

Previously, it happened that citizens lived in a residential area according to different documents, some - on the basis of a warrant, others - under a social employment contract. This confusion in legal relations was eliminated with the introduction of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation in 2004. The Code replaced the earlier orders for a social contract.

Step 4

Employment contracts are concluded only on the grounds listed in the law. People on the waiting list receive housing under a social tenancy agreement in connection with resettlement. Persons living in communal apartments - when deciding on the provision of vacated premises.

Step 5

For a social employment contract, a written form of its conclusion is provided. Previously, the parties to the contract were a citizen and an organization operating the housing. Now the basis for the conclusion of the contract will be the decision of the executive authority, which refers to the provision of living quarters to the citizen. Under the new rules, contracts are concluded by the relevant housing departments of the city or municipality.

Step 6

It is recommended to conclude a social employment contract for all citizens, although the absence of a contract has no legal consequences. But if you have a situation with the introduction of a new family member, with the registration of a housing subsidy, then the contract will be mandatory. You cannot do without a social tenancy agreement even in cases where you have conceived the privatization of housing or expect to sublet it.

Step 7

To enter into a social tenancy agreement, you must contact the housing department of the relevant Department of Housing Policy. The following documents are submitted to this body: an application, an identity document of the applicant, copies of documents proving the identity of all family members. You may also need a document on the conclusion or dissolution of marriage. Bring with you the documents that served as the basis for moving into the premises.

Step 8

After the staff of the housing department has checked the completeness of the information and documents that you have submitted, your application will be registered. You should receive an extract from the registration book with a note on the date of receipt of documents.

Step 9

The term for consideration of the application is no more than thirty days. Please note that additional documents may be required on your part, so in this case, the processing time may increase up to one and a half months. You, as an applicant, must be notified of this in writing.

Step 10

All adult family members who are indicated in the contract are invited to conclude a social contract with the housing department. If it is impossible to appear in person, a corresponding power of attorney is drawn up. The persons specified in the agreement get acquainted with it and put their signatures under the document.One copy of the agreement is handed over to the applicant, the other is sent to the management company to amend the personal account.

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