How To Write A Work To A Doctor For A Category

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How To Write A Work To A Doctor For A Category
How To Write A Work To A Doctor For A Category

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The medical profession is not only noble and responsible, but also requires continuous training, training and accountability. Every five years, the doctor is obliged to attend special courses on new methods of treatment and drugs, take exams and provide the results of his work in the form of a detailed written report on the chosen topic.

How to write a work to a doctor for a category
How to write a work to a doctor for a category


Step 1

First of all, you need to choose a topic in your specialty. It is best if in the course of training you learn something new about the methods of treatment of this disease and include this in your work. The topic must be consolidated by writing an application addressed to the head of the department. It is advisable that your topic does not overlap with the topics of other medical professionals who are also undergoing training.

Step 2

The work should consist of several parts. The first is devoted to a general overview of the disease. Describe the epidemiology in the world, country and your city. Tell us, has the course of the disease changed in recent years? Perhaps most people have developed strong immunity, or, on the contrary, the virus has developed new strains? It is best to take data from the last 10-15 years.

Step 3

In the second part of the work, you must analyze your own practical work. Medical records of patients will help you with this. Write down the number of patients with this disease, count how many people suffered from the disease, identify which drugs are most effective, what is the incubation period depending on demographic and gender indicators. Compile statistics. For clarity, express the obtained data in graphs. In the future, you can use them in the presentation for the oral defense of your work.

Step 4

In the last part, you can describe a practical experiment. Depending on the indication, select several patients and give them different drugs. But remember that the main rule of medicine is do no harm! Describe the findings. Be sure to include a box on the new techniques that you learned about during the training. Write an introduction, where you focus on the relevance of the topic, and a conclusion in which tell which of the set goals were achieved and which were not.

Step 5

Write text for oral defense. It should be no longer than 3-5 sheets. Insert basic data into it, support them with presentation graphs. As a rule, no more than 5-7 minutes are given for defense. Think about what questions you might be asked and jot down the answers to them.

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