How To Get A Doctor's Certificate

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How To Get A Doctor's Certificate
How To Get A Doctor's Certificate

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Medical care is one of the services that are subject to mandatory certification. The certificate gives the doctor the right to work independently. The certificate is issued after passing the certification cycle (training, recertification) in a special educational medical institution and is valid for 5 years. If the length of service of a doctor in a specialty is less than 5 years, he is obliged to undergo training corresponding to the specialization at least 500 hours in full-time or part-time form.

How to get a doctor's certificate
How to get a doctor's certificate


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The law obliges not only graduates of medical universities to undergo certification, but also doctors who have years of successful work behind them. However, studying and passing exams require a lot of time, nerves, and sometimes financial resources, which cannot but affect the quality of the doctor's service to his patients.

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Therefore, of course, the process of certification of doctors in Russia is rather formal. However, Art. 54 "Fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of the health of citizens" of 22.07.93, No. 5487-1 (as amended on 02.12.2000) states that "the right to engage in medical activities in the Russian Federation have persons who have received secondary medical education in the Russian Federation, with a diploma and a special title, and for engaging in certain types of activities, the list of which is established by the Ministry of Health of Russia, - also a specialist certificate and a license. " True, the types of medical activities requiring licensing and certification have not yet been determined, therefore each medical institution has the right to establish its own qualification requirements for its specialists.

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There are three ways to obtain a certificate confirming the qualifications of a medical specialist, from the standpoint of the law. You can go through a free scheduled cycle at the faculty of postgraduate education of the nearest medical university, if there is one and if the university wants to teach you.

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You can also take this course for a fee. This is usually easier, but more expensive. If you are a working specialist, and the clinic is interested in you, you can get a certificate by completing training in the direction of the clinic in a particular medical educational institution.

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There is also an illegal way to obtain a certificate - its purchase. However, before choosing one, consider that you are risking your reputation as a doctor and specialist.

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