How To Pay A Fine To The Tax Office

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How To Pay A Fine To The Tax Office
How To Pay A Fine To The Tax Office

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A tax penalty is a form of liability for committing a tax offense. A fine can be charged in many cases, in particular for violation of the deadlines for filing a tax return, late submission of information to the tax office, etc.

How to pay a fine to the tax office
How to pay a fine to the tax office

It is necessary

  • - details for paying the fine;
  • - Receipt of payment;
  • - the amount of the fine.


Step 1

In order to clarify the amount of the fine imposed on you, you can contact the district tax office. You can find out the amount of tax arrears and fines on the official website of the tax inspectorate in the section of the taxpayer's personal account. Do not hesitate to visit a tax specialist as if you are not aware of the fine imposed, this will not protect you from non-payment. Ask the inspector to reconcile your calculations with the budget for the latest and current periods. Specify the deadlines for filing declarations for individual entrepreneurs, because The most common tax offense is late filing of tax returns.

Step 2

You can pay the fine through the bank according to the receipt, or through the current account. Be sure to check the correct payment details for your fine. You can get the details directly from the tax office, or on the official website Keep your receipt of the fine for 3 years to protect yourself from the consequences of an incorrect translation of your payment.

Step 3

After paying the fine, after a few days, contact the tax inspector again to make sure that the payment was received correctly. Now that's it - you can sleep peacefully.

Step 4

The amount of the tax penalty can be reduced or not paid. To do this, you can file a claim in an arbitration court, or resolve the case out of court.

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