Who Can Earn Extra Money On Weekends In Moscow

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Who Can Earn Extra Money On Weekends In Moscow
Who Can Earn Extra Money On Weekends In Moscow

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If you need to get additional income - in addition to your main job, you can get a temporary job - on weekends. Finding this kind of job in Moscow will not be difficult. The larger the city, the more opportunities.

Who can earn extra money on weekends in Moscow
Who can earn extra money on weekends in Moscow

Where to start your search

Before looking for a weekend job in Moscow, you need to know exactly what kind of activity you are interested in, or at least acceptable. It will not be superfluous to draw up a detailed resume. But do not overdo it in compiling it - you do not need to describe your merits and achievements in detail and in colors. Of course, it is necessary to mention all this - only briefly, competently and to the point.

You can start looking for a part-time job in a metropolis by going to the Employment Center at your place of residence. Also, placing an advertisement and a resume in newspapers or on special Internet sites can be an effective option for finding a part-time job on the weekend. You can also see the "Wanted" section here.

Even if the applicant graduated from the university a long time ago and has had a permanent place of work for many years, it is worth occasionally looking through the section for students. Often these jobs involve busy weekends, but don't rely on high pay. If the applicant is a pro in his field, he should directly contact the organization, which probably needs the services of such a specialist.

Who to earn extra money on weekends in Moscow

It all depends on the requirements of the applicant - what field of activity he is interested in, the amount of payment. It is necessary to understand that part-time work promises additional earnings to the basic salary, and not earning capital. As for the field of activity, here you also need to be loyal. For example, hardly anyone will offer a part-time job as a lawyer or as an economist on weekends.

If a person has a special education, works in this profile and is looking for this kind of part-time job, then there should be no problems with the search. These are such professions as accountant, tutor, IT specialist, designer, hairdresser, cashier and sales manager. These specialties are in demand in Moscow. The amount of pay for a part-time job in such vacancies is quite high.

If we consider a part-time job that does not require education and special qualifications, there are quite a few vacancies, such as distributors of advertising products or simply advertisements of various goods and services, security guards, refuellers or animators. On weekends in Moscow, you can get a job as a courier in your personal car, for example, deliver ready-made meals or pizza. There are also vacancies for walking couriers - peddlers of advertising correspondence to mailboxes or organizations. Earnings here depend on the amount of work done.

Alternatively, consider remote part-time jobs. Here, the convenience lies in the fact that work can be done at any time - in the evening, after the main work or even at night, the main thing is to keep within the agreed deadlines. But working remotely only on weekends is unlikely to succeed.

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