What Documents Are Needed To Draw Up A Will

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What Documents Are Needed To Draw Up A Will
What Documents Are Needed To Draw Up A Will

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Making a will is a responsible approach to managing your property the way you think is right. This document must be written when you have too many legal heirs or, on the contrary, there are no relatives. In order to have less questions and disputes, it is better to draw up a will and notarize it.

What documents are needed to draw up a will
What documents are needed to draw up a will


Step 1

Contact the notary who is authorized to serve you as a client. In some localities, notaries work with clients, determined by territorial affiliation, in some - by letters of the alphabet with which the names of citizens begin.

Step 2

In addition to the text of the will itself, which is written in simple writing in two copies, one of which remains with you, the second - with the notary, you will need:

- a document proving your identity;

- a complete list listing all the heirs that you included in the will, indicating their addresses, dates of birth and contact details;

- legal documents for bequeathed real estate objects.

Title deeds include certificates of ownership or deeds confirming that the property bequeathed does indeed belong to you.

Step 3

If movable property is indicated in the will, for which title documents are simply not drawn up, it is necessary to give its detailed description so that it can be uniquely identified and none of the heirs have any additional questions or doubts.

Step 4

In the event that you are already in old age, in order to avoid that the will was challenged, attach to it a certificate from a neuropsychiatric dispensary confirming your legal capacity and the fact that at the time of writing the will you were completely responsible for your actions and were not under whose influence. After 70 years, this condition is mandatory for all testators. If the notary has doubts about your adequacy, he has the right to refuse to certify the text of the will.

Step 5

When an apartment is included in a will, it is important that all the information specified in the title deeds and the will coincide: area, address, identification and cadastral number. Please note that you cannot bequeath an apartment in which you live under a social tenancy agreement - it is state or municipal property. If you want to do this, it must first be privatized.

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