How To Arrange Custody Of A Grandson

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How To Arrange Custody Of A Grandson
How To Arrange Custody Of A Grandson

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Guardianship is a form of arranging a family for young children left for any reason without parental care, as well as incapacitated citizens who have reached the age of majority. The guardian not only takes care of the state of health, property of the ward, his upbringing and education, but also carries out on his behalf all transactions that the ward is not able to carry out on his own.

How to arrange custody of a grandson
How to arrange custody of a grandson


Step 1

The need for registration of guardianship may arise both in relation to a young child (up to 14 years old) and in relation to an adult who is recognized as incompetent and cannot independently take care of his existence.

Step 2

Be aware that custody of a child can be established when the child is left without parental care. Such cases include the death of parents, deprivation (full or partial) of their parental rights, recognition of parents as incapacitated. Guardianship can be established in cases where the parents of the child are seriously ill physically, which limits their performance of parental responsibilities. It is in these cases that the child's grandmother or grandfather can become the guardian. Guardianship of an adult can be established only if he is recognized as incompetent in accordance with the procedure established by law.

Step 3

To apply for guardianship, contact your local guardianship and guardianship authority with the package of documents required for this procedure. This package of documents includes the conclusion of the medical commission, which confirms the candidate's ability to perform the duties of a guardian in terms of physical and mental condition. Please note that if you have a disability or disability (occupational disease), you have the right to refuse.

Step 4

Prepare your autobiography, characteristics: from the place of work and from the place of residence, a document confirming the amount of monthly income, consent to custody from each family member of the candidate over the age of 10, a document containing detailed information on living conditions.

Step 5

In the guardianship authority, you will be asked to write an application, which is considered within 30 days, after which a decision is made on the issue of registration of guardianship. When making a decision, the guardianship authority considers the full list of factors affecting the candidate's ability to fulfill the duties of a guardian, including the moral qualities of the candidate and the desire of the ward himself.

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