How To Adopt A Newborn

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How To Adopt A Newborn
How To Adopt A Newborn

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Adoption is a legal act in which both Russian and foreign citizens can take part. Many of them prefer to adopt exactly newborn children, relying on the peculiarities of their psychology.

You can get permission for adoption 30 days after submitting all the necessary documents
You can get permission for adoption 30 days after submitting all the necessary documents


Step 1

If you decide to adopt a newborn from the hospital, first you need to visit the guardianship and guardianship authorities and write an application for adoption. After it is accepted by the employees of the service, you will receive a list of documents that must be provided for registration.

Step 2

Within a few days, you need to collect a large package of documents and submit them to the guardianship authorities. You will need to bring photocopies of passports (of yours and your spouse), certificates of your health status, certificates of your income, certificates of examination of the living space by the guardianship authorities and the housing commission, notarial consent of both spouses, extracts from the house book and personal accounts, as well as characteristics from the place work. After you provide all the necessary paperwork, you will be officially registered for adoption.

Step 3

You will be allowed to adopt a child if your characteristics are positive, the salary is stable, and the living space is suitable for raising a child. All your documents will be considered by a special commission of the guardianship and guardianship authorities, after which a conclusion will be made on whether you are capable of raising an adopted child or not.

Step 4

If you have a criminal record, even a conditional one, you do not have the right to adopt children, regardless of their age. The guardianship authorities will definitely ask you to present a document certifying that you have no criminal record in your biography. It takes up to 30 days to review all the documents, as soon as your turn for adoption approaches, the guardianship authorities are obliged to notify you of the date of the meeting with your unborn child.

Step 5

Next, you, together with the guardianship authorities, submit an application for adoption to the court. At a special hearing, the judge will decide whether you are eligible to adopt a child or not. In the event that you are denied, you can appeal the judge's decision in the standard way. With a positive decision, the baby will receive a new birth certificate, and his data will be entered in your passport with your spouse.

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