How To Apply For Citizenship Of A Newborn

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How To Apply For Citizenship Of A Newborn
How To Apply For Citizenship Of A Newborn

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For your child to become a full member of society, he needs to obtain citizenship. The kid already requires a lot of attention, how to do without unnecessary collection of papers, and what is needed to obtain citizenship?

How to apply for citizenship of a newborn
How to apply for citizenship of a newborn


Step 1

Decide if your child needs citizenship. A newborn can do without it, and citizenship will not be required for a person under fourteen years of age. However, if you are planning a vacation abroad with a child, he or she will need citizenship to leave the country. Also, citizenship is needed to obtain a certificate of maternity capital. Therefore, it is better to issue it immediately. In addition, it will definitely be required to obtain a passport - when your child turns fourteen years old.

Step 2

The first document that you will need is a certificate of the birth of the child. It is valid for one month after birth. This document indicates when and where your baby was born, what gender it is, who delivered the baby. To issue a birth certificate, be sure to present this certificate at the registry office.

Step 3

Now head to the registry office at your place of residence. This is where you need to obtain a birth certificate for your child. Please note that you must apply for a certificate no later than one month after birth. In the registry office you will need the following documents:

- a document that is the basis for state registration of the birth of a child (a birth certificate or a statement from a person who was present at the birth - if the birth did not take place in a medical institution);

- passports of parents (in an incomplete family - only mothers);

- marriage certificate (if present).

Step 4

Since 2007, obtaining citizenship for newborns has been simplified as much as possible. You just need to contact the district department of the FMS. In this case, parents' passports and a child's birth certificate will be required. Immediately on the day you apply, you will be stamped with a citizenship stamp on the back of your birth certificate.

Step 5

Please note - before, for registration of citizenship, it was necessary to obtain a separate document - the so-called insert. Now the stamp of citizenship is put on the certificate itself, but the previously received inserts are also valid.

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