How To Adopt A Child From Abroad

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How To Adopt A Child From Abroad
How To Adopt A Child From Abroad
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Unfortunately, not everyone is destined to become parents. People who are passionate about, but for some reason unable to acquire their own offspring, should not give up and resignedly put up with the cruel outcome that fate brought them. One of the options to know the happiness of motherhood is the adoption of a baby, including a citizen of a completely different country. This type of adoption in practice is called "international".

How to adopt a child from abroad
How to adopt a child from abroad

The legal framework of the country of which the adoptive parent is a citizen is applied to the process of adopting a child of another state, while it is important that the legislation of the adoptive parent's country does not conflict with the norms adopted in the country of the exported baby.

International standards

According to international standards, orphans are transferred to foreigners only after the time set in each country has elapsed since the day the child is officially granted the status of being left without care. When considering the possibility of adopting a child by a foreigner, the interests of the child himself must be respected: it is very important that the child and the adoptive parents have similar norms regarding upbringing, education, religion, and the change of the child's place of residence does not significantly affect the child's usual way of life, spiritual values. Thus, it is unlikely that consent will be obtained for the adoption by an Orthodox Islamic family of an Orthodox child, although there are exceptions, especially if the orphan is in infancy.

Separation from siblings is strictly prohibited. There are no restrictions related to the state of health of the child.

Legal adoptive parents can only be capable, law-abiding persons, who do not suffer from any mental or other serious deviations from the normal state of health, persons who have permanent housing and have passed special courses of the so-called future adoptive parents.

Registration procedure

Parents who meet all the basic requirements have the right to apply to the appropriate body, endowed with legal status, to resolve such issues in a given region, this can be both a local and federal organization. At the same time, parents fill out a questionnaire, providing the opportunity to study their place of residence, as well as the conclusion of the official authority of their country on the right to such actions.

Based on the results of the above measures, an official conclusion is given on the case, in case of a positive outcome of which the adoptive parents are given the right to receive all the information they are interested in about the child, to get to know him better.

The country's Supreme Court makes a final decision on the possibility of adoption, which says about assigning a new name and surname to the baby, replacing the certificate given at birth with a new one, indicating the data of foreign fathers and mothers.

The procedure is carried out free of charge, after its completion, the child is put on primary registration at the consulate of the country that released the child, located in the territory of the new homeland. Throughout the child's juvenile life, special reports are prepared concerning the health and living conditions of a girl or a boy, with the obligatory attachment of photographs that testify to the veracity of documents and the well-being of the family.

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