How To Get An Unpaid Leave

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How To Get An Unpaid Leave
How To Get An Unpaid Leave

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Under Russian labor law, an employee can take unpaid leave for a good reason. At the same time, the employer is obliged to keep his place of work for him. In some cases, the manager is obliged to provide this type of rest, for example, in the case of the birth of a child or employees who are retired. One way or another, it is very important to arrange it correctly in order to avoid problems with the labor inspection.

How to get an unpaid leave
How to get an unpaid leave


Step 1

The Labor Code in Section 128 of Chapter 19 specifies that unpaid leave is granted for valid reasons, but does not specify for what reasons. Therefore, you can select them yourself. To do this, fix them in any local normative act, for example, in a collective agreement or in a labor regulation. These reasons can include: family circumstances, illness of loved ones, a child's vacation, and others. Also make a note that in the event that vacation is not possible due to a work situation, it is not granted.

Step 2

In order to provide unpaid leave, you must receive a statement from the employee himself. He must indicate in it the start date of the vacation, its duration, the reason. You can also attach to such a statement and copies of documents that confirm the circumstances, for example, if it is associated with a child's illness, then you must attach a certificate from a medical institution - sick leave.

Step 3

After that, draw up an order (order) on the granting of leave (form No. T-6). In it, indicate the period of leave, as well as its type, that is, write "leave without pay". Sign this document with the manager and give it to the employee for review, who must then sign it.

Step 4

Then enter the information about the vacation in the employee's personal card (form No. T-2). For this, there is a special column on the fourth page called "Vacation". Also indicate that the vacation is unpaid.

Step 5

Do not forget to write about the provided leave in the time sheet (form No. T-12), putting the code "TO".

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