How To Leave Maternity Leave On Maternity Leave

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How To Leave Maternity Leave On Maternity Leave
How To Leave Maternity Leave On Maternity Leave

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Children are happiness. Many young families are not limited to one child; they give birth to a second and sometimes a third child. This is largely facilitated by the country's financial policy. For a working mother, the question of how to go on maternity leave may become relevant if at the moment you are already on maternity leave.

How to leave maternity leave on maternity leave
How to leave maternity leave on maternity leave

How to go on a second maternity leave

There are times when a woman on parental leave is expecting another baby.

For the full recovery of the female body, it is necessary that at least 2 years elapse between childbirth.

Then you need to move from one decree to another without going to work. What is the best way to do this? After the eldest child turns one and a half years old, maternity benefits are not paid at work, only a place is saved. Therefore, the most convenient option would be to end the first maternity leave at this moment and write an application for the next. In this case, there will be no breaks between payments.

When calculating the size of the maternity allowance, the payroll accountant proceeds from the salary that the woman received before the first decree.

According to the law, a woman cannot be on two maternity leaves at once. Therefore, it is worth choosing one that is most preferable.

How maternity benefits are calculated

Usually, leaving maternity leave on the next decree, a woman receives the same monthly allowance as in the previous decree. The calculation is taken from the employee's salary for the last two years of work. A mother who did not work in the past receives a maternity allowance, depending on the tariff rate. If the salary of a pregnant woman at the last place of work was an amount less than the minimum wage, then the maternity allowance is calculated based on the size of the minimum wage. At the same time, the cash benefit accrued for caring for an older child does not represent any kind of income. Therefore, it is not taken into account when calculating maternity for the second child.

The minimum monthly maternity allowance is limited by law. However, the maximum amount of payments has limitations.

What documents need to be issued for a woman if she wants to go on a second decree

To obtain a second maternity leave, a woman must contact the HR department of her enterprise. There you should write a statement asking to revoke her from the first maternity leave. Further, on the basis of a certificate from the antenatal clinic about the registration of a pregnant woman and a sick leave issued at the clinic for maternity leave, you should write an application for the next decree. The accountant will calculate the amount of the one-time maternity benefit and the amount of monthly payments. However, in order for the payments to be more substantial, after the first decree, it is worth working for at least 1 year until the next parental leave is issued.

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