How To Calculate The Complexity Of Work

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How To Calculate The Complexity Of Work
How To Calculate The Complexity Of Work
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When drawing up a production plan for an enterprise, an organization, an important point is the calculation of the labor intensity of the planned work. This coefficient is also calculated to analyze the actual productivity of workers. Labor intensity characterizes the labor costs of workers per 1 ruble of the value of the product produced.

How to calculate the complexity of work
How to calculate the complexity of work

It is necessary

  • Formula for calculating labor intensity:
  • Tr = Kch / Cn, where
  • Tr - labor intensity, person hour / rub.
  • Кч - general fund of working time, person hour,
  • Cn is the volume of products produced, rubles.


Step 1

Count the total amount of actual time worked by the main workers of the enterprise during the reporting month. To calculate the actual fund of working time, you can use the primary documents for its accounting (timesheets for the use of working hours for production workshops or sections). Calculate the total man-hours worked per month by the main workers in these areas.

Step 2

Determine the cost of the products manufactured by the enterprise per month. Calculate the arrival of finished products at planned and accounting prices according to accounting data. Next, divide the actual working time of the main workers in man-hours by the value of the output. The resulting figure will be the coefficient of the labor intensity of production. According to the same principle, the planned labor intensity of production is calculated (for the calculation, the planned calculated indicators of the amount of working time fund and the volume of output of finished products are used), the labor intensity of a particular type of product, technological labor intensity.

Step 3

Analyze your results. The lower the labor intensity of the work, the higher the labor productivity of workers. Check how the production plan for production is being carried out, identify deviations from the planned indicators. Consider the influence of individual factors on the growth or decline in labor productivity at your enterprise (quality of raw materials, semi-finished products, qualifications of workers, etc.). Draw the necessary conclusions.

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