How To Send Your Tax Return

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How To Send Your Tax Return
How To Send Your Tax Return

The deadlines for submitting tax returns are determined by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. In the event that a taxpayer is unable for any reason to submit reports to the tax authority personally, the post office comes to the rescue, the services of which allow the timely sending of the tax return and save the sender from paying penalties.

How to send your tax return
How to send your tax return

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - a list of attachments in a valuable letter;
  • - form of postal notification of delivery;
  • - Postal envelope.


Step 1

Take your completed tax return form. Check for the seal and signature of the director of the organization. After making sure that the document is correct, prepare it for mailing.

Step 2

Make an inventory of the tax form to be sent in duplicate. Do this using a text editor Word. At the top of the sheet, write the following: "Inventory of the attachment in the valuable notification letter." Next, indicate the name of the tax authority and the full address of the recipient, including the postal code, settlement indicating the region, territory, city, etc.

Step 3

Below write the full name of the tax return, indicate the reporting period, the number of pages and copies. Evaluate the letter you are sending by writing after the words "With declared value" its cost, which should not be less than one ruble. After the words "Sender" write the name and initials of the employee responsible for sending the letter. Leave free space on the page for the stamp of the post office, the name of the employee's position, signature and its decryption.

Step 4

Check the opening hours of the nearest post office. Take a completed tax return form, an inventory drawn up in duplicate and signed in advance, or an envelope purchased and completed in the mail, on which indicate the value of the letter corresponding to that which appears in the inventory.

Step 5

Take the mailing receipt form by filling it out on both sides. On the front side of the form, indicate the name of the recipient and his full address, on the back - the data of the sender. If you have any difficulties, contact the postal worker.

Step 6

In the signed envelope, enclose the completed tax return form and two copies of the inventory, enclosing the receipt of receipt. Give the unsealed envelope to the post office employee, who will check the presence of the document and the inventory for their compliance with each other.

Step 7

Having drawn up the letter accordingly, the postal officer will hand over one copy of the inventory and a receipt for payment for postal services. It must necessarily have a round stamp of the post office, the position of the employee, the signature and its decoding are indicated.

Step 8

Upon receipt of the letter by the tax authority, the mail notification will be marked with the envelope, and the notification will be returned to the sender. The inventory, receipt of payment for the letter sent, and receipt of receipt must be retained as proof that the tax return has been sent.

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