How To Mail Your Tax Return

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How To Mail Your Tax Return
How To Mail Your Tax Return

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Tax inspectorates require tax returns to be mailed in a valuable letter listing the attachments. For your own peace of mind, you can also attach a return receipt to your letter. But it is not necessary to do this, it is enough to keep the receipt of payment for the services of the post office. In a disputable situation, it will serve as sufficient confirmation that you have fulfilled your obligations on time.

How to mail your tax return
How to mail your tax return

It is necessary

  • - completed declaration;
  • - A4 envelope;
  • - the address of the tax office;
  • - the form of the list of investments;
  • - Form of notification of delivery (optional);
  • - money to pay for mail services.


Step 1

You must send the declaration to the address of the inspection serving the street on which you are registered at the place of residence. If necessary, you can get information about it on the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia using the service "Find out the address of the IFTS", available via a link from the main page.

Step 2

Purchase an A4 envelope by mail, an attachment inventory form and, if desired, a delivery receipt. Write on the envelope the addresses of the recipient and the sender, fill out the notification form. Include in the envelope the declaration and, if available, the documents attached to it (for example, an application for a tax deduction and confirmation of the income received, payment of tax and the right to deduction). Enter all documents in the inventory, indicate the price for each. Please note that the price of services rendered to you also depends on the total cost of investments, so you can get by with the minimum amounts. Do not rush to seal the envelope. Otherwise, the post office manager will not be able to certify your inventory.

Step 3

Contact a postal worker with an envelope and a completed inventory. He will call the head of the department to personally check the contents of the envelope and certify your inventory. Then the postal worker will seal the envelope and tell you the amount to be paid. Keep your receipt and return receipt if you mail with it for three years. This is the period during which the tax authorities can file claims against you.

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