How To Get A Part-time Employee

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How To Get A Part-time Employee
How To Get A Part-time Employee

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Often, an organization requires an employee not for a full time, but for half the rate. The admission of such an employee must be formalized in accordance with labor legislation, that is, an application for employment, an order, an employment contract, a personal card, an entry in a work book are required. But hiring a specialist at half the rate has distinctive features.

How to get a part-time employee
How to get a part-time employee

It is necessary

labor legislation, forms of relevant documents, employee documents, company documents, organization seal


Step 1

The employee writes an application addressed to the first person of the company, indicating the full name of the enterprise, surname, initials, the position of the head in the dative case. An employee hired at half the rate enters his last name, first name, patronymic in the genitive case, address of the place of residence in accordance with the identity document. In the content of the application, the specialist expresses his request for hiring him, indicates the name of the structural unit, the position for which he is applying. Along with this, the employee writes a disclaimer that he asks to accept him at half the rate.

Step 2

The director issues an order for the recruitment of this employee, assigns a personnel number and date to the document. In the administrative part, he enters the surname, name, patronymic of the specialist, the title of the position, the structural unit where he is admitted. The second paragraph writes that the employee is paid in proportion to the hours actually worked, indicates the number of hours the employee works per day. The third point will be the assignment of control over the execution of the order. The document is signed by the first person of the company, certified by the seal of the organization. Familiarize the accepted specialist with the order. The employee puts his signature in the required field, the date of familiarization.

Step 3

Enter into an employment contract with the employee being accepted; in the working conditions of this contract, write down the number of hours that the employee is obliged to work. If necessary, indicate the period of work that corresponds to half of the rate for the position. The employment contract is signed by the head of the organization, as an employer, certified by the seal of the enterprise, the employee signs his / her name as an employee being hired.

Step 4

An entry in the work book is made by a personnel worker, he puts the serial number of the entry, the date of hiring in Arabic numerals. In the information about the work, he writes the fact of the acceptance of an employee for a certain position, indicates the name of the enterprise, the name of the position and the structural unit. The personnel officer certifies the entry made with the seal of the organization, enters his surname, initials, position held, signs. Introduces the employee to the record under signature. Reservations about half of the rate do not need to be made, the reception is recorded in the work book as on a general basis.

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