How To Get An Employee On Parental Leave

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How To Get An Employee On Parental Leave
How To Get An Employee On Parental Leave

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In accordance with labor legislation, the employer has the right to conclude fixed-term contracts with those employees who are temporarily hired, for example, in the case of parental leave of the main employee. When employing such an employee, one should be guided by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, namely Articles 59 and 79.

How to get an employee on parental leave
How to get an employee on parental leave


Step 1

According to the Labor Code, you must enter into an employment contract with any employee (temporary or permanent). The basis for hiring is the application of the employer. Therefore, ask the future employee to write a statement in your name. Here he must indicate the desired position, as well as the fact that the employment is temporary.

Step 2

In large organizations, all incoming correspondence is recorded in special journals, which are kept by the secretary. If you have them, make a record of the acceptance of the application.

Step 3

Although the employee is temporary, he must sign local acts, for example, a job description. Include information about responsibilities, rights and working conditions here.

Step 4

Fill out an administrative document - a job order. You can use the unified form No. T-1, or you can develop it yourself (be sure to fix it in the organization's accounting policy). Enter here information about the nature of the work (temporary), indicate the position and the amount of salary. The basis for issuing an order is the employee's statement.

Step 5

Draw up an employment contract, and it must be issued for a specific time. Here you can specify a time range (for example, a year), or you can enter a specific date (for example, the contract is valid until January 01, 2012).

Step 6

Despite the fact that the employee is hired for a while, you must draw up a personal card. Enter information about the employee there - passport data, TIN data, SNILS and others. Write down the nature of the work. You can also form a personal file, here include all copies of documents, including orders, employment contract.

Step 7

Fill in the employee's work book, that is, in the "Job Information" column, include an entry based on the order for hiring.

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