How To Evict Residents Illegally

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How To Evict Residents Illegally
How To Evict Residents Illegally

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It is not difficult to evict citizens living illegally in an apartment or other premises. However, before starting the process, it is worth making sure that the violators do not really have the rights to this housing. Study this issue, collect all the necessary documents and file a claim in court.

How to evict residents illegally
How to evict residents illegally

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - certificate of registration in this housing;
  • - characteristics of a residential building;
  • - a document of ownership.


Step 1

Specify on what basis the illegally residing persons ended up in the apartment. Who, and on what basis, gave them the keys? What kind of relationship do they have with the owners or tenants of the premises? To be sure to win a lawsuit, you will have to collect a convincing evidence base.

Step 2

If the circumstances, thanks to which the citizens ended up in the controversial apartment, you could not find out, contact a lawyer for help. If the court does not have enough evidence or your opponents successfully prove their case, the hearing may be postponed and the issue will be postponed. A lawyer can independently contact the opposite party, draw up a competent application to the court and, together with you, develop the correct line of conduct during the trial.

Step 3

Do not try to expose uninvited tenants on your own, otherwise the court may already be sued against you. However, not for some people the threat of filing an application and, moreover, the summons to the meeting that has come to their name, can have a strong enough effect. It is possible that instead of going to court, illegal tenants will simply leave.

Step 4

Write a statement of claim on your own or with a lawyer. Attach copies of documents certifying your rights to the disputed living space to it. You will need a certificate of registration in the apartment in the form of F-9, a document on the condition of the living quarters, a document on the ownership of the apartment or a social tenancy agreement and other papers related to the case.

Step 5

Hand over the statement of claim and copies of documents to the reception office of the district court at the place of residence. If you cannot attend meetings in person, issue a notarized power of attorney for a lawyer - then he will become a full-fledged representative of your interests.

Step 6

Eviction of illegal residents is not a difficult case and usually the court makes a positive decision on this claim. If the defendants do not file a cassation appeal, the case is transferred to the bailiffs, who will carry out the eviction.

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