How To Evict A Person From An Apartment In

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How To Evict A Person From An Apartment In
How To Evict A Person From An Apartment In

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The terrible word "eviction" scares every person. After all, with the eviction from an apartment or room, confidence in the future disappears. But not everyone is under the threat of eviction. They don't lose their homes in one day. There are several reasons for this.

How to evict a person from an apartment
How to evict a person from an apartment


Step 1

If a person does not systematically pay for utilities, and he has accumulated huge debts for an apartment; if a person constantly violates public order and the peace of his neighbors; if a person has long disappeared in an unknown direction - all these are good enough reasons for his eviction from the occupied living space.

Step 2

To begin with, if there is such a possibility, i.e. If the person is listed as missing, you can try to talk to the evicted person and ask him to leave the premises voluntarily. If he refuses, then you need to go to court.

Step 3

To evict an unwanted tenant from the apartment (not the owner), you need to draw up a statement of claim to the court. The main thing to consider is that the grounds for eviction in this claim must be with correctly formulated grounds why it is necessary to evict this person. Otherwise, he will have the opportunity to challenge the claim. And you can no longer go to court again. The statement of claim must be filed at the location of the defendant.

Step 4

The following documents must be attached to the application for eviction: a certificate in form 9 stating that the evicted person is registered on your living space (but remember: the validity of such a certificate is not more than 30 days); evidence on the basis of which you are seeking his eviction (evidence that he does not pay for the apartment, statements from neighbors about the violation of their peace, etc.); a receipt for payment of the state duty. Do not forget to sign and date your application. Only after this is the case taken into operation. And if the court takes a positive decision in your direction, then the unwanted tenant will be evicted.

Step 5

However, eviction cases are considered one of the most difficult - after all, constitutional human rights are affected here. You also need to take into account the attitude of the evicted person to the apartment. If he is the owner of a privatized apartment, then it is almost impossible to evict him. In this case, it is easier to go the other way: to draw up a contract of exchange, rent, etc. If a person simply lives in an apartment under a social tenancy agreement, then it is easier to evict him. The owner writes it out on his own and evicts him either himself or with the help of the police.

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