How To Write An Award Application

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How To Write An Award Application
How To Write An Award Application
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In order to encourage an employee of any organization or enterprise, he can be awarded a certificate of honor or a badge confirming his special merits. To award the award, you need to write a petition. How to do it?

How to write an award application
How to write an award application


Step 1

The application is written in different forms, depending on the field of work in which the person works and the type of award provided. For example, if we are talking about issuing an employee of an educational institution with a badge "Honorary Worker of Education", you need to do the following: the pedagogical council, the general meeting of the collective or another collegial body of management of the institution raises the issue of nominating the employee for the award and makes a decision. This should be reflected in the minutes of the collective meeting.

Step 2

The text of the application is printed on a sheet of the established form, in which the following data must be indicated: the full name of the institution and its address, the last name, first name and patronymic of the employee, academic title (if any), his work experience in the field of education in general and in this team, position, qualification category. A characteristic is compiled, which reflects all the main merits of the employee in this area, his achievements in the education and upbringing of the younger generation, as well as successes in scientific activity. This document is signed by the head of the institution, and if he himself is presented for the award, then his deputy.

Step 3

The application is sent to the education department of a city or other municipal formation, where it will be considered, and then submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.

Step 4

After making a positive decision and receiving the necessary documents, the head of the institution at a general meeting of the team in a solemn atmosphere presents the award. A record of the award is made in the work book.

Step 5

If the application has received a reasoned refusal, then a repeated application can be submitted no earlier than two years later. The issue of awarding must again be collectively considered, and the documents are again submitted to the department.

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