How To Write An Application For An Award

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How To Write An Application For An Award
How To Write An Application For An Award
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An award is a material incentive for an employee for high performance results. Bonus payments can be periodic or one-time. The former are included in the wage system. The circle of specialists who receive annual or quarterly bonuses, as well as the amount of cash incentives, are determined by a special regulation in force in the organization. One-time bonuses are assigned solely by the decision of the director and are paid to individual members of the workforce. For the accrual of one-time payments to the accounting department, documentary justification is required - an application for bonuses.

How to write an application for an award
How to write an application for an award


Step 1

The submission for a one-time bonus is written by the head of the structural unit in which the encouraged employee works. If your organization does not have a strict submission form, set it up as a memo or memo.

Step 2

In the upper right corner of a standard A4 sheet, write the full title of the position, surname and initials of the manager. For example: "To the Director of LLC" Honest Business "II Ivanov". Then name your own position, initials and surname: "Head of the Marketing Department S.V. Petrova."

Step 3

Print the title of the document on the left 2-3 lines below the organization's details if you are using letterhead, or 1-2 lines below the last line of the "header". The title should be short and as specific as possible, for example: "On the encouragement of the leading specialist S.S.Sergeev" or "On the awarding of the leading specialist S.S.Sergeev" or "On the material incentives for the leading specialist S.S.Sergeev". After leaving 4-5 lines, in the middle of the line, indicate the type of document: "memo", "memo".

Step 4

Begin your bonus submission text by listing the employee's merit. Sometimes the application is formal, if the initiative for the award comes from the director and the amount of payment has already been determined. In this case, you can limit yourself to a general description of the professional qualities and performance indicators of a specialist. For example: “From the first day of work in the company, the leading specialist of the marketing department S.S.Sergeev has established himself as a competent specialist who uses his potential to solve complex production problems. He is constantly striving for self-development and professional development. This year Sergeev successfully coped with his official duties, repeatedly carried out additional assignments of the head, participated in the public life of the organization. Sergeev has no violations of labor discipline and other comments. I would like to ask you to pay SS Sergeev a monetary bonus."

Step 5

When the idea of ​​rewarding comes "from the bottom", from the immediate supervisor, and superiors need to be convinced of this, list specific facts confirming the significant personal contribution of the employee. Describe in detail all the benefits that the organization has received as a result of the specialist's activities. Also, make an assumption about the amount of the premium. For example: “Leading specialist of the marketing department S.S.Sergeev in February 2011 developed a campaign to attract the attention of potential customers to a new type of company's services -“Home Plants Insurance”. As a result of this action, more than 150 insurance contracts were concluded, over 500 preliminary agreements were reached. In addition, additional conditions have been introduced into the previously concluded agreements, expanding the list of services provided by Honest Business LLC to its clients. I ask you to reward SS Sergeev with a cash bonus of 30,000 rubles."

Step 6

At the end of the memo, indicate the title, surname and initials of the originator, and also put a personal signature. For example: "Head of Marketing Department S.V. Petrova".Agree on the presentation for the bonus with the deputy manager who oversees the activities of your department. Then refer it to the director of the organization. After receiving his resolution, the personnel department will issue an order for bonuses, and the accounting department will accrue funds.

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