How To Write A Testimonial For An Award

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How To Write A Testimonial For An Award
How To Write A Testimonial For An Award

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If the management of the enterprise makes a decision to reward an employee, employees of the personnel department or his immediate superior need to write a description of this employee. Although the text of this document is compiled in any form, there are still basic rules for its writing.

How to write a testimonial for an award
How to write a testimonial for an award


Step 1

If you are instructed to write a description to the immediate superior of this employee, then for this you need to request from the personnel department all the necessary information and information about awards and incentives.

Step 2

In the description for the award, it is necessary to focus on the professional and business qualities of the employee. To compile it, you can use a package of documents prepared for the last certification. The characteristic is an official document, therefore, it is drawn up in accordance with GOST R 6.30-2003, which specifies the requirements for working documentation.

Step 3

Divide the text of the characteristic into several structural blocks that are logically related to each other. Start writing it with a heading, in which after the word "characteristic" indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, the position he holds.

Step 4

Briefly write the details of his questionnaire, indicate in it the year and place of birth, educational institutions that he graduated from and those specialties that were acquired in the course of training. In a few words, describe his work experience before he joined your company and marital status.

Step 5

The main text of the characteristics for the award should contain a description of the business and professional qualities of the employee. Reflect in it all the stages of the employee's career in this enterprise, from what year and in what positions he worked. Describe the range of issues that he solved due to his professional and job responsibilities.

Step 6

Indicate the projects in which he was involved. Tell us about the contribution this employee made to the formation of your company and to the achievements and labor victories that it is proud of. Reflect how this participation was noted and encouraged.

Step 7

Tell us about how the employee developed professionally, what additional education he received, and what advanced training courses and in what year he graduated. List the scientific works, if any, mark in which conferences and professional reviews the recipient participated.

Step 8

Assess the personal qualities of the applicant for the award, note his communication skills, authority in the work collective, decency, hard work, dedication and conscientiousness.

Step 9

Indicate in the description on what occasion the employee is planned to be awarded.

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