How To Write A Testimonial

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How To Write A Testimonial
How To Write A Testimonial

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In writing the characteristics, the need arises for the manager during the transfer of the employee to work in another organization. The class teacher provides her student for admission to another educational institution. They also ask to draw up a description of the conscript in the military registration and enlistment office.

How to write a testimonial
How to write a testimonial


Step 1

Begin your profile by providing accurate information, including date and place of birth.

Step 2

If you have information about parents, marital status, write about it.

Step 3

Indicate in which academic disciplines you were most successful, if there are any results. For example:

I studied especially well in exact subjects. Repeatedly participated in city physics Olympiads. Has prize-winning places for participation in scientific and practical conferences.

Step 4

If you know you are passionate about a sport or technique, attending a hobby group or sports section, reflect that.

Step 5

In the characteristic, it is imperative to write about whether the person had any talents. For example, he writes poetry or prose, draws well or knows foreign languages, plays in an amateur theater or composes scripts for events in a team.

Step 6

Write what education the person has, where and when he studied. Note whether you worked in your specialty and for how long.

Step 7

If he worked in his specialty, indicate the name of the organization and references from the place of work. Do not forget to write what position you held, whether you improved your qualifications (when and where).

Step 8

Note what kind of relationships developed in a team with classmates or colleagues, a sociable or conflicting person, whether he quickly finds associates, whether there are inclinations of a leader. If there were conflicts, for example, with the employer or clients of the organization, this is an important note for characterization.

Step 9

Write what kind of life a person leads, is there any passion for bad habits, what is his physical development, health. For example:

Physically well developed, passionate about sports. Has no bad habits.

Step 10

The characteristic should reflect whether there were any convictions or brought to the police, as well as how morally stable a person is.

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