How To Write A Testimonial For A Person

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How To Write A Testimonial For A Person
How To Write A Testimonial For A Person

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Often, employees or subordinates turn to personnel officers or heads of production departments with a request to write a description on them. This is a document reflecting the assessment of the work activity of this employee. It may be required at the traffic police, the military registration and enlistment office, for obtaining a visa and passing certification, or after completing an internship. It is composed in any form, but there are rules that must be followed.

How to write a testimonial for a person
How to write a testimonial for a person


Step 1

Take a sheet of standard A4 paper or company letterhead and head it “Characteristics”.

Step 2

Indicate the personal information of the employee: last name, first name and patronymic of the person, date of birth. Write in it when and what educational institution he graduated from.

Step 3

The next step is to provide information about his employment in your company. Include the full name of your company, title and length of service. Briefly describe his labor activity, note the main labor successes and achievements. Write about what refresher courses he completed, in what trainings and conferences he took part. Assess his personal and business qualities, characterize him from the professional side, note the qualities that are needed in production: efficiency, diligence, discipline, the ability to work with documentation and conduct business correspondence.

Step 4

If you are drawing up a characteristic for an employee, which is required for him to be submitted to any other company, then write at the end of the document for what purpose and to which organization the characteristic is submitted.

Step 5

Indicate the official who will sign this document. Usually it is signed by one or more authorized officials: the director or his deputy, the head of the personnel department. Signatures will need to be certified with the seal of the organization.

Step 6

After the signatures, indicate the date of drawing up the characteristics from the place of work.

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