How To Write A Testimonial For A Nurse

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How To Write A Testimonial For A Nurse
How To Write A Testimonial For A Nurse

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The characteristic for a nurse is an official document in which all data related to professional work are indicated. This document is required when applying for a job, as well as in the case of an employee's qualification improvement.

How to write a testimonial for a nurse
How to write a testimonial for a nurse

It is necessary

  • - a computer,
  • - Printer.


Step 1

Start the characterization with standard data about the employee: last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth. Indicate the position held and the date of the nurse's appointment.

Step 2

Write down the information about the education received by the nurse and the additional courses taken. Next, proceed with the disclosure of this data. That is, describe the application of the received education in practice, as well as refresher and advanced training courses. List the positions held in chronological order.

Step 3

Evaluate the personal qualities of the employee, necessary and helping in the work. During her work, a nurse can show herself as a disciplined, executive worker. She can be an outgoing and knowledgeable employee.

Step 4

Describe how the nurse performed the duties (quality, timely or inept and unprofessional). Be sure to indicate whether the employee's work is in accordance with health law regulations and hospital job descriptions.

Step 5

If there are comments and complaints about the work from the management, other employees or patients, please indicate this at the end of the document. Or write that the nurse has no complaints or penalties. It will not be superfluous to indicate the relationship with patients, describe them with the words "friendly", "professional".

Step 6

Conclude the characterization with the conclusion: whether or not this nurse corresponds to the position held. If necessary, give a recommendation to change the place of work.

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