How To Make An Entry In The Work Book About Part-time Work

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How To Make An Entry In The Work Book About Part-time Work
How To Make An Entry In The Work Book About Part-time Work
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An entry in the work book of a part-time worker is made only at his request. The main difficulty lies in the fact that it is done at his main place of work, even if he works part-time in another organization. Depends on whether the employee is a part-time worker in the same organization (internal part-time) or in another (external) and the content of the record and a set of grounds.

How to make an entry in the work book about part-time work
How to make an entry in the work book about part-time work

It is necessary

  • - work record of the employee;
  • - confirmation of his hiring for a part-time job (employment contract, a copy of the order or an extract from it or a certificate) or dismissal (copy of the order);
  • - statement of the employee in the case of internal part-time job;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - printing (in case of dismissal from the main job).


Step 1

When hiring an internal part-time worker, he must submit an application in any form to the head of the organization with a request to make a corresponding entry in his work book.

It is done after the next mark in the labor force in the same manner as any record of employment, only the text specifies the combination of jobs.

Step 2

If an employee who works part-time in another organization wants to make an entry in the labor force, he must present a choice of one of the proofs of his employment on the side. This can be an employment contract with another employer, a copy of the employment order or an extract from it, or a certificate from the place of work on letterhead, signed by the person in charge and stamped by the organization.

Then, in column 3 of his work book, the full and, if available, the abbreviated name of the third-party employer is entered and a record is made of hiring there for part-time work on the basis of the document provided by the employee. In the 4th column, indicate the output of the latter (number, date).

Step 3

An internal part-time worker can resign from a position that is an additional job without leaving the main one. In this case, a record is made in his labor only about dismissal from a part-time job, which does not need to be certified by the signature of the responsible person and the seal of the employer.

Step 4

An external part-time worker must bring a copy of the order of dismissal from part-time work, an extract from it or other supporting document to the main job.

Before putting down the record of dismissal in column 3, the name of the organization (it can be abbreviated if available) is given as a heading in parentheses, from where the part-time worker quit.

Step 5

Part-time work can turn into the main one for an employee with both internal and external options. In the first case, the employee must first be dismissed from both the main job and the part-time position, and then take him to a job in which he was previously part-time, but already as the main one.

Step 6

A similar situation occurs when leaving the main job with the current employer and turning into the main one performed by a third-party part-time job.

The employee must first quit his part-time job and bring a copy of the corresponding order to the current master. Then quit and get registered with the employer, who previously had a part-time job, already for the main job with all the accompanying bureaucracy: writing an application, issuing an order, etc.

Step 7

A situation may arise when an employee leaves the main job for another main job, while continuing to work part-time.

In this situation, it is enough for him to quit his main job. If in the future he decides to leave the position held by another employer concurrently, a record of this will be entered in his work book by the new employer at the main place of application of forces.

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