How To Make An Entry In A Work Book

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How To Make An Entry In A Work Book
How To Make An Entry In A Work Book

Video: How To Make An Entry In A Work Book

Video: How To Make An Entry In A Work Book
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Entries in the employee's work book are made mainly in the section devoted to information about the work. This is, first of all, information about his recruitment, transfer from one position to another or between divisions of the organization, and records of dismissal.

How to make an entry in a work book
How to make an entry in a work book

It is necessary

  • - work book form
  • - fountain pen


Step 1

Employers are obliged to keep a work book for each employee with whom they have entered into an employment contract. This obligation applies not only to organizations, but also to individual entrepreneurs. The work book should reflect all the milestones of the employee's career, starting with hiring and ending with dismissal.

The absence of a work book or the inconsistency of entries in it with the real position of the employee in the organization, and the dates of their entry into it - the personnel documentation of the organization (dates of issuance of orders for employment, transfer, dismissal, conclusion of an employment contract) is a gross violation of labor legislation. There are penalties for this.

For the employee, the work book serves as an official confirmation of his professional experience.

Step 2

The "Job Information" section of the work book is a table of four columns. The first is for the sequence number of the record. Further: the date of the entry, the main stages of the employee's work history and information about the document on the basis of which the entry is made.

The record number must be next in order to the last one made in the work book earlier.

Step 3

The date is entered in the format "day in two digits, month in two digits, year in four digits." For example, February 1, 2011 is 2011-01-02, and October 10, 2011 is 2011-10-10. Each component of the date (day, month and year) is entered strictly in the sub-column assigned to it.

Step 4

In the column dedicated to information about the work, all significant information about the employee's career in the organization is recorded: recruitment, transfer to another position or to another unit, dismissal with an indication of the reason (of his own free will or with an indication of the article of the Labor Code).

For example: “Hired to work as a driver”, “Hired to work in the commercial department as a senior sales manager”, “Transferred to the position of head of the corporate sales department”, “Fired at will”, etc.

Step 5

The last column records the data of the order (on hiring, transfer, dismissal) with the date of signing and a serial number. For example, “Ave. No. 121 dated 21.04.2010 . The date of publication of the order is written in the same format as in the second column, and must be no later than the date of the entry made in the work book on the basis of this order.