How To Make The Correct Entry In The Work Book

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How To Make The Correct Entry In The Work Book
How To Make The Correct Entry In The Work Book

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The work book is a part of the "dress" by which they are greeted. When solving the problem of employment, its correct design is an additional plus when choosing a candidate for a position. Therefore, the importance of this document and the need to do everything without errors cannot be overestimated.

How to make the correct entry in the work book
How to make the correct entry in the work book


Step 1

The general rules for making an entry in the work book are as follows: • The entry is made in the state language of the Russian Federation, ie. in Russian. In the event that an enterprise is located on the territory of one of the republics that has its own state language, it is allowed to make notes in two languages ​​(in Russian and national).

• For writing, use a fountain pen, gel pen, or ballpoint pen with black, blue, or purple ink that is resistant to light and water.

• Strikethrough changes are only allowed on the Employee Details page. When changing the surname, education or qualification, the old entry is crossed out with one line, a new one is written. A link to the document (the basis for changes) is made on the inside of the cover, certified by the signature of the responsible person and the seal. In other sections of the work book, crossing out erroneous entries is prohibited.

• When making entries, abbreviations of words cannot be used, all words are written in full (not ave., But an order; not a Labor Code, but the Labor Code, etc.).

• It is necessary to observe sequential numbering of records by sections in Arabic numerals.

Step 2

Features of filling out the work book by section.

The section "Information about the employee" is filled in by direct answers. All basic data is taken from the presented document (passport).

The date of birth, like the date of filling, is written in full (for example, July 20, 2010); the signature of the employee who filled out the work book must be legible (it is better to just write your last name).

The "Education" line is filled in on the basis of an education document. It can be:

"Basic general", "secondary" (school);

"Primary vocational" (school);

"Secondary vocational" (college, technical school);

"Incomplete higher education" (at least 3 courses of study)

"Higher" (university), etc.

The line "Profession, specialty" is filled in only when there is a document confirming the received specialty. For example, it is written "general machine operator" on the basis of a graduation certificate, or "mechanical engineer" on the basis of a higher education diploma.

Step 3

The Job Information section begins by filling in the full (and short, if available) name of the organization. The name must fully comply with the constituent documents. The next line is a record of the admission to work. A serial number, date in Arabic numerals in the format, a record of admission and the basis (order, order) are put. The text of the record must contain full information: for which position the employee is hired, the assigned qualification level and, if necessary, in which department the employee is hired. In the future, all changes in the employee's work activity are recorded in the work book. This is his transfer to another job or to another unit (especially when it is located in another area), an increase in the category, renaming of a position, etc. Each entry must begin with a serial number, at the bottom it is necessary to indicate an administrative document (order or order) … The text of the entry must comply with this document.

If an error is made in the record, it is not crossed out, not erased, but canceled by the next one. The next serial number, date, text is put. An example of its content. When an employee is dismissed, it is necessary to provide a link to the article, clause, paragraph of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (“dismissed under clause __ of article ___ of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation”) and indicate the reason.Upon completion, familiarize the employee with all the records against signature (in the last line, the entry "familiarized" is made, the signature and decoding of the employee's signature).

Step 4

The section "Information about incentives" is filled in the same way. When making an entry, be sure to fill in the "Ground" column - an order or order on the basis of which the employee is encouraged. The text of the record must correspond to the text of the order.

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