How To Return Clothes To The Store

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How To Return Clothes To The Store
How To Return Clothes To The Store

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After spending a full day in the shops trying on a bunch of clothes, you finally found the beautiful and stylish thing you've been dreaming of for a long time. But when they came home, trying on new clothes, they realized that the clothes did not suit you at all. Do not be discouraged or afraid to take the purchased item back to the store. After all, the law "on consumer protection" obliges sellers to return money for the purchase.

How to return clothes to the store
How to return clothes to the store


Step 1

Based on the Consumer Protection Law, you have the right to return the item back to the store within 14 days from the date of purchase. Provided that this very thing is not damaged by you personally. Say that the clothes did not fit you in shape, style, color, dimensions, size, configuration, and so on. Don't tell the salesperson that you just don't like the purchase. On this basis, the exchange and return of goods is not carried out.

Step 2

Keep your receipt until the end of the return period. If you still could not save it, do not worry, you must accept the goods without it. Just in case, remember the day when the purchase was purchased so that the seller can look at the computer and make sure that you returned the item ahead of time. Be sure to keep the product label.

Step 3

Clothes purchased during the sale are also subject to exchange and return. If the item is discounted due to the presence of a marriage, you can also return it back to the store, but on condition that you find another marriage on it that you were not warned about.

Step 4

The consumer protection law also applies to trade in online stores. The law says that the buyer at the time of delivery of the purchase must be offered full information about the product, as well as the possibility of returning it back to the store no later than seven days without giving any reason. If the company in which you made the purchase did not print its address and TIN on the check, then in this case you have the right to return the item within three months. And in finding a company, contact the tax office for help.

Step 5

If, when returning clothes to the store, you still did not manage to defend your rights and did not manage to return the money for the product or replace it with another thing, then, in accordance with Article 17 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights", you have the right to apply for this store to court.

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