How To Return A Dress To The Store

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How To Return A Dress To The Store
How To Return A Dress To The Store

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The Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" is valid throughout Russia and applies to all sellers - be it an elite boutique or a pavilion in the clothing market. Therefore, you can always return the dress to the store, subject to certain prerequisites.

How to return a dress to the store
How to return a dress to the store


Step 1

If you have no complaints about the quality of the dress, but it did not fit in color, style or size, there is a time limit of 14 days from the date of purchase, when you can exchange or return it to the seller.

Step 2

According to Art. 25 of the said law, you can exchange or return a dress only for the above reasons, and not at all because you do not like it. In this case, the seller is obliged to first offer you a product of similar quality and purpose for exchange. Only when another dress suitable for you was not found among the presented models, you are obliged to return the money for the goods within three days.

Step 3

If you find a defect in your clothes - crooked stitches, patches, holes, tightening, you can return the defective product within a year. In this case, you should write a statement addressed to the store director and, referring to Art. 4 of the Law, ask him to return the amount paid to you. Attach to your application a copy of the document confirming that the dress was purchased by you in this particular store. Such a document is a cashier's check, on which the name of the seller must be indicated. Write the application in two copies - give one to the store, and on the second, let them give you an incoming number, you take it for yourself.

Step 4

The missing check can be replaced by three witnesses who can confirm that you purchased a low-quality outfit from this particular seller. But, if the case comes to court, the court may not consider such evidence sufficient. Therefore, keep all receipts if you are not sure that you will carry the purchased item.

Step 5

Returning outerwear to the store follows strict guidelines to ensure that it does not show signs of being worn. All factory tags and labels must be retained and attached to the dress.

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