How To Return Goods To The Store

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How To Return Goods To The Store
How To Return Goods To The Store

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Sometimes a product that you bought in a store does not suit you for something. Perhaps you found a marriage on it, or maybe you just realized that you were in a hurry with the purchase. According to Russian consumer protection law, most goods can be returned within a certain period of time. However, both the buyer and the seller need to comply with certain conditions.

How to return goods to the store
How to return goods to the store

It is necessary

  • - sales receipt
  • - a shortcut from the purchase
  • - shop packaging
  • - passport or other identity card


Step 1

Decide why you want to return the item. If you bought a product and it turns out to be defective, you can return it to the store within two weeks. Depending on the product, it will either be sent for technical expertise or replaced with a new one. If the return occurs on the day of purchase, you may receive a refund.

Step 2

If the purchased non-food item is working properly, but for some reason does not suit you, you can try to exchange it for another in the store where you bought it. According to the law, purchases of proper quality and with a warranty period cannot be returned, but in reality it all depends on the seller's policy.

Step 3

If the store refuses to take back the defective product, you can write a complaint in two copies: to the director of the trade institution and to Rospotrebnadzor. Copies of documents and receipts will need to be attached to the application.

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