How To Issue A Return To The Store

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How To Issue A Return To The Store
How To Issue A Return To The Store

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After buying a product, the joy of purchasing is often replaced by grief: you brought the product home and noticed a defect or the thing did not fit you in size. In some cases, you can easily solve this problem by returning the goods back to the store. The relationship between buyer and seller is governed by the Consumer Protection Act. It spelled out all the requirements for the sale of goods and services, as well as consumer rights and sanctions for sellers.

How to issue a return to the store
How to issue a return to the store

It is necessary

  • - a statement about the exchange of goods or termination of the contract of purchase and sale,
  • - check (if preserved).


Step 1

You have 14 days to return a good product, but this does not apply to such categories as household appliances, personal goods, medicines, plants, textiles, furniture, household chemicals, cars, books, etc. There is a certain list of these goods, which is approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 No. 55.

Step 2

To return the goods, contact the place where you made the purchase, do not forget to take your passport, receipt for the goods with you. If you are exchanging or returning a good product, it is advisable that the packaging is preserved (this does not apply to large household appliances), and the appearance is not damaged (no traces of use, scratches, cracks, etc.). Explain your requirement to the store employee; this can be done orally. According to the law "On the protection of consumer rights", you can demand the replacement of goods for another, or termination of the sales contract and a refund.

Step 3

If defective goods are found later than 14 days after purchase, you cannot simply exchange or return them. In this case, you will need to point out to the store specialist the defects identified during the operation of the item or thing, defects, etc. The goods will be sent for examination, which will confirm the presence of a factory defect, and, possibly, indicate that the breakdown occurred through your fault. You can return a defective product even if there is no original packaging, receipt, or any traces of exploitation.

Step 4

In case of refusal to return or exchange goods, write a written claim to the store, indicating all the data about the purchase, the presence of defects, as well as your requirements. Prepare the document in 2 copies, on one of them the store employee must sign the acceptance. By law, a written application must be answered within 10 days. The reply letter will indicate the decision of the store administration regarding your request.

Step 5

If the store denied you a replacement (return) of goods in writing, you can file a claim in court.

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