How To Return A Phone To A Store

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How To Return A Phone To A Store
How To Return A Phone To A Store

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Very often, when buying a product in a store, you can stumble upon a marriage. With groceries, it's easier: you bought an expired or spoiled product, brought it back, and you will be refunded. As a rule, sellers, and even more so, the administration will not start a scandal over a carton of milk, for example. But what if you bought a mobile phone of the latest model, and after a week, or even earlier, you began to notice any malfunctions in it?

How to return a phone to a store
How to return a phone to a store


Step 1

First, go to the store where you bought the phone and tell the employee about its malfunction. The store employee will most likely offer you to make an examination of the phone, and then come to them with an examination certificate. Disagree. Ask the store employee for a claim form (if there is one, if not, you can write it in any form).

Step 2

The claim is written in the name of the head of the trading company. In it, be sure to indicate the brand of the phone, the date of purchase, the malfunction of the phone and the requirement (examination, refund for the phone or exchange for another). Write your claim in two copies, transfer one of which, along with the phone, to the store, and leave the other with you. On your copy, the employee accepting the claim must make a note that the claim was accepted, date and signature. In addition, accepting the phone from you, he must also give you a document about the state of the phone received (whether there are scratches, defects, etc.). This act is also drawn up in two copies, where you must put a number and a signature confirming your consent.

Step 3

After that, you will wait for the examination, which is carried out no more than 45 days. If the expert committee finds that it is not your fault that the phone is malfunctioning, then within 10 days your requirements will be satisfied. If it turns out that there is your fault, but in fact you are not to blame, you have the right to continue to defend your rights and make an independent examination. And then go to court.

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